25 October 2016

10 Things - 25 Oct. 2016

desert garden photo by keagiles
I'm grateful for ...
1. Botanic gardens
2. Being able to desaturate a color photo to make it look like I was there in the early 1960s (by the way, you can click on the photos in this blog to get a closer view)
3. Aunt Lucia
4. A great workout tonight
5. Workout soundtrack, including Bruno Mars, Linkin Park, Lily Allen, Meghan Trainor, and Sia
6. Miranda Hart and her book Peggy & Me
7. Health insurance even if premiums are going up and coverage is being cut back
8. My neighbor's dog, Lucy, and playing fetch with her (the dog) tonight
9. Jasper
10. Bear (when in doubt, right?)

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