10 July 2016

Life Changes and Life Changes You

My mom and I at Hadrian's Wall.
A whirlwind last few months! Stomach sick since February, then Jessie died, then I went to the UK for 9 days with my mom, then, back in the U.S., I developed pneumonia and spent basically two weeks or more in a fog...

Today, I am happy. I feel more or less content every day. Something has shifted; I'm telling people how much I value them and relaxing more with them rather than worrying all the time what are they thinking or what should I be doing, blah blah blah. I want to cry when I miss Jessie and then be happy that I cried. It's better to have loved, etc. I'm happy to be breathing freely and just now recovering from being exhausted every day.

I'm planning to write a post about Jessie and then a post (or more) about my trip to the UK. Just now, I wanted to check in.

P.S.: And I am aware of how truly lucky I am just to say I'm happy/content and to live in peace and harmony in my little home by the creek.