25 October 2016

Dear Reader Promise Here

Costa Rican monkey by keagiles
Sigh, yeah... I'll believe it when I see it.
Dear Reader,

I promise, promise, promise (current writing style is influenced by Miranda Hart) that I will soon write a longer, more substantive post rather than just popping up the 10 things each day.

With warm regards,


10 Things - 25 Oct. 2016

desert garden photo by keagiles
I'm grateful for ...
1. Botanic gardens
2. Being able to desaturate a color photo to make it look like I was there in the early 1960s (by the way, you can click on the photos in this blog to get a closer view)
3. Aunt Lucia
4. A great workout tonight
5. Workout soundtrack, including Bruno Mars, Linkin Park, Lily Allen, Meghan Trainor, and Sia
6. Miranda Hart and her book Peggy & Me
7. Health insurance even if premiums are going up and coverage is being cut back
8. My neighbor's dog, Lucy, and playing fetch with her (the dog) tonight
9. Jasper
10. Bear (when in doubt, right?)

24 October 2016

10 Things - 24 Oct. 2016

sign photo by keagiles
Trail signpost in Colorado. Photo by keagiles.
I'm grateful for ...
1. Choices
2. Not always knowing which path to take, but at least knowing there is a path
3. Being able to vote & vote early
4. Easy access to my polling place
5. The determination of voters who struggle to attain our "inalienable rights" because others will not uphold them
6. Folks who "jump into the deep end" and try to make the world a better place
7. Michelle Obama
8. Joe Biden
9. President Barack Obama
10. My grandma Lillie

23 October 2016

Taking up the 10 Things Again - 23 Oct. 2016

Ten things I'm grateful for ... 

1. The interplay of light and dark
2. Neighbors
3. Play
4. Saltine crackers
5. My camera
6. The wolf spider in our kitchen
7. Settling down
8. Miranda Hart
9. The color red
10. Being able to just make random lists ...

09 October 2016

Gone Dark on the Ten Things for a Little While

Too many things going on in the world both in my microcosm and in the actual world. I leave you with this (and will be back on the series soon):

dream lake by keagiles  RMNP

06 October 2016

10 Things - 6 Oct. 2016

Canaveral National Seashore photo by keagiles
I'm grateful for ...

1. Canaveral National Seashore, and I hope this beautiful area can hang on tight during this storm (Hurricane Matthew).
2. The folks at Walt Disney World who decided to shut it down for a couple of days.
3. Particle board and duct tape (or duck tape, depending on your generation).
4. Folks who know how to seal up windows and such in prep for a hurricane.
5. Weather forecasters.
6. Electricity.
7. Indoor plumbing.
8. Shelter.
9. Dry clothes and a soft warm bed.
10. Florida National Guard and Coast Guard.

05 October 2016

10 Things - 5 Oct. 2016

I'm grateful for ... 

1. Having been able to go to Costa Rica and photograph this familiar site off shore of Manuel Antonio National Park.
2. Knowing I can (will) go back there again someday.
3. Jasper's lower pH level.
4. The $10 gift card someone gave me that I used to buy steak to cook for dinner tonight.
5. The acceptance, now by the Washington Post, of using "they" as a gender-neutral singular pronoun.
6. The Udemy class "Drupal 7 for Beginners" that I'm signing up for.
7. Being able to make things better.
8. The nice young lady from the Colorado Democratic Party who called me tonight.
9. Substitute cheap eyeglasses holding me over until I find my computer glasses or get some new ones.
10. Being able to afford to buy new ones.

04 October 2016

10 Things - 4 Oct. 2016

I'm grateful for ...

1. Old dogs can learn new tricks! Jasper is much happier now (just see him go!). We are giving him more things to think about, like how to find his food in his awesome new toy, and upped the pain meds.
2. The freedom to disagree.
3. The freedom to disagree.
4. The freedom to disagree.
5. OK, you get it. The freedom to choose. At least for now.
6. Bear.
7. Solid local companies.
8. Time to exercise.
9. The ability to choose the food I eat (see this Ted Talk by Ron Finley).
10. Some paths not taken.

03 October 2016

10 Things - 3 Oct. 2016

I'm grateful for ...

1. A beautiful day for reading and writing out on our deck yesterday
2. Answering questions in new ways
3. Vernā Myers and her Ted Talk "How to overcome our biases? Walk boldly toward them"
4. Thrift store (or as they say in the UK, "charity shop") finds
5. Charity shops to give things to
6. My cats vs. waterbed story (dive bombing was involved)
7. NeuroTribes
8. Fact checkers
9. New clothes
10. GIMP

02 October 2016

10 Things - 2 Oct. 2016

Yes, I skipped yesterday. You didn't miss it (doesn't that have a double entendre?). I was still grateful, but mostly for not having to be at the computer for a whole day and for being sleepy in bed.

Here's my top-ten for today:

I'm grateful for ...

1. Cool photos of bubbles (if you want more, see my companion website, KeaNeato!)
2. Beautiful weather today
3. Getting to the gym and swimming today
4. Seeing a coworker friend at Costco and giving a hug as if we had not seen each other in weeks
5. Soft, pointy husky ears
6. Time to reflect and grow
7. The guy at the gym yesterday who gave me a thumbs-up when I was balancing on the fit ball
8. Music
9. Giving a pretty good talk on Friday
10. Jackery