02 October 2016

10 Things - 2 Oct. 2016

Yes, I skipped yesterday. You didn't miss it (doesn't that have a double entendre?). I was still grateful, but mostly for not having to be at the computer for a whole day and for being sleepy in bed.

Here's my top-ten for today:

I'm grateful for ...

1. Cool photos of bubbles (if you want more, see my companion website, KeaNeato!)
2. Beautiful weather today
3. Getting to the gym and swimming today
4. Seeing a coworker friend at Costco and giving a hug as if we had not seen each other in weeks
5. Soft, pointy husky ears
6. Time to reflect and grow
7. The guy at the gym yesterday who gave me a thumbs-up when I was balancing on the fit ball
8. Music
9. Giving a pretty good talk on Friday
10. Jackery

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