29 January 2017

10 Things - 29 January 2017

I'm grateful for ...
1. This silly dog
2. The way my life has changed for the incredibly way better since this doggie came home to me
3. Today's beautiful, sunny, 65°F weather
4. Carrie Fisher's books
5. Having Bear's office just in the next room
6. Jasper, of course!
7. The fact that I did not drink that beetle with my Diet Coke yesterday
8. My brother, Rob, who is presently working very hard out on our deck
9. The fact that I am able to sit here in my safe home and write this on my nice computer
10. Hope

22 January 2017

Fortune Cookie Musings - The Series Continues

So a while back, I started a series reacting to fortunes I pulled from the sometimes delicious and sometimes crumbly and stale fortune cookies I get when I order Chinese food. Here's another installment.

Today's fortune is (and I'm reusing some of these slips of paper, so I may have already taken one run at this idea) "Today you should spent some time to search in yourself" [sic].

I have spent some time in introspection today, writing a couple of blog posts (I have more than one blog) and reading. Yes, I see reading as a form of introspection because I am having a conversation with myself and the author. It's not a one-way deal.

But does "search in yourself" mean something else? Is there a road map in there, that if I dig down in my mind's eye I can follow my pulse into the center of myself? If I close my eyes, I think I can do that. I think, I sense. I breath, I feel light-headed. Who is this woman sitting in this chair in this body typing with her eyes closed? Is it still me? Who is me? Am I the child, the girl, the young woman, or the 54-year-old wearing glasses and feeling the weight of time (both physically and mentally)? Is time a weight?

No, I haven't "imbibed" or "inhaled." All I did was eat a cookie...

10 Things - 22 January 2017

I'm grateful for ...
1. The chance to see a glacier up-close (this one is Margerie Glacier)
2. The chance to actually stand on a glacier (in Jasper National Park) and drink straight from the source
3. The fact that I do not live on a glacier :)
4. Living in Colorado
5. My camera
6. Every friend I think of as I am writing this
7. The mindfulness I am learning each day with Sparkles (instead of asking "what if" I concentrate on "what is")
8. The ability to go for a drive with my dogs
9. Having a job
10. My computer