18 March 2019

Catching Up -- Wow, it's been two years!

This is my latest adventure, cruising aboard the Regal Princess in the Caribbean. So my top 10 this post:

1. Cruise on board the Regal Princess
2. Princess Cays, Eleuthera, Bahamas
3. St. Thomas and St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
4. The hike and beautiful little beach on St. John, where I would like to swim more
5. St. Maarten
6. Gelato in St. Maarten
7. Peanut butter for breakfast on the ship!
8. As much coffee as I wanted!
9. Sun-bathing on deck.
10. Reading with my husband in the Princess Live! Café lounge -- they had great wing-back chairs.

18 March 2017

10 Things - 18 March 2017

I'm grateful for ...
1. My office.
2. Sunshine in my office.
3. The goofy dog whose picture just popped up on the screen in my office.
4. The flowers in my office.
5. The ficus tree in my office.
6. The fact that the tree made it through nearly dying in my small, cold apartment, to the large plant it is today. When I brought it to work in 2008, it just "blossomed."
7. Jasper even though he is barking right now.
8. Of course, Bear. Of course, always.
9. Family.
10. Friends.

29 January 2017

10 Things - 29 January 2017

I'm grateful for ...
1. This silly dog
2. The way my life has changed for the incredibly way better since this doggie came home to me
3. Today's beautiful, sunny, 65°F weather
4. Carrie Fisher's books
5. Having Bear's office just in the next room
6. Jasper, of course!
7. The fact that I did not drink that beetle with my Diet Coke yesterday
8. My brother, Rob, who is presently working very hard out on our deck
9. The fact that I am able to sit here in my safe home and write this on my nice computer
10. Hope