22 January 2017

Fortune Cookie Musings - The Series Continues

So a while back, I started a series reacting to fortunes I pulled from the sometimes delicious and sometimes crumbly and stale fortune cookies I get when I order Chinese food. Here's another installment.

Today's fortune is (and I'm reusing some of these slips of paper, so I may have already taken one run at this idea) "Today you should spent some time to search in yourself" [sic].

I have spent some time in introspection today, writing a couple of blog posts (I have more than one blog) and reading. Yes, I see reading as a form of introspection because I am having a conversation with myself and the author. It's not a one-way deal.

But does "search in yourself" mean something else? Is there a road map in there, that if I dig down in my mind's eye I can follow my pulse into the center of myself? If I close my eyes, I think I can do that. I think, I sense. I breath, I feel light-headed. Who is this woman sitting in this chair in this body typing with her eyes closed? Is it still me? Who is me? Am I the child, the girl, the young woman, or the 54-year-old wearing glasses and feeling the weight of time (both physically and mentally)? Is time a weight?

No, I haven't "imbibed" or "inhaled." All I did was eat a cookie...

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