07 September 2016


despacio sign
I visited Costa Rica a couple of years ago and got some great pictures, but these two come up in my mind most frequently.

The first is the despacio (slow) sign for the roadway. Person, dog, sloth, monkey. I noticed the monkeys used power lines to get around, and I didn't see any sloths, perhaps because they were moving so slowly they were camouflaged.

People, yes, dogs, yes. And lots of speeding cars, all headed to Manuel Antonio National Park.

woman iPhone photo monkey
This second one stands out because of it's irony: A picture of a woman taking a picture of a white-faced monkey that you can see on her iPhone screen while the monkey is looking back at us. This photo was taken at the beach in Manuel Antonio National Park, where the monkeys are just steps away from the water.

Perhaps in another post I will discuss the philosophical meaning behind the photos. For now, they just give us something to think about.

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