15 May 2011

Raising a Puppy - Week 2.1

Some hours of the day, this is all I hope for... Gem to fall asleep. But I have learned something: Gem doesn't need to play so hard in order to fall asleep (case in point: too many toys in this picture). In fact, playing too hard makes it harder for him to wind down. When he gets fussy and toothy (boy, it hurts when he nips!), it means he's tired, but too tired to just lie down and rest. He needs my help - so now I have taken to giving him "time outs." It seems to be working.

I also just switched his food. Either the probiotic meds are taking effect (he had giardia) and his tummy feels better or the new food is somehow making him calmer. Tonight was the first night I could just sit with him without having to tug on a toy or hide my hands so he wouldn't bite them. 

I'll let you know, after I give it further consideration, and it seems like that really is what made the difference, what I changed his food from & to. It could be, too, that he is starting to settle in more. 

In any case, I am very much looking forward to our first "puppy socialization class" at the humane society on Friday.  And even though I trained Buddy up well and know a fair amount about dogs and training in general, I'm looking forward to getting in some puppy kindergarten classes. There's nothing like being with a group of folks who can bounce ideas off each other, create a positive learning environment for both pups and humans, and get advice they didn't even know they needed.

Until then... sweet dreams.

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