11 May 2011

Raising a Puppy - Week 2

It does get better. It does get better. It does get better... Slowly, over the course of the second week, the puppy stops smelling like spoiled milk and more like soft, sweet, fuzziness. And then he bites you...

Gem is one active guy - and no signs of fear! He meets other dogs head on (well, with the appropriate deference, more like side to the head on [What, don't you watch The Dog Whisperer? You'd understand what I mean if you did.]). He's very observant and is not troubled by new situations. In fact, my nickname for him is "Intrepid One." 

I've been taking lots of pictures and getting very little sleep. In fact, I should be sleeping now rather than writing this post. I can hardly wait until Gem sleeps through the night... Right now his little bladder is just too small to wait 8 hours, or even 6, or 5... oooppppppppssssssssss I just fell asleep......

Here are a few shots of the little monster, I mean, darling - depending on time of day - the earlier in the day, the sweeter he is; by bedtime, he's like a toddler, fighting sleep with every ounce of energy. He bites and fights but when I put him down in his crate, he whines for a bit and then is sound asleep.

This series of photos is titled "this guy never stops." Until he hits the wall, he doesn't. He has places to go, things to dig up, and balls to kill. Oh, and the occasional pot to stick his head in.

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