12 November 2016

More Volunteer Opportunities - Stand Our Ground and Help Those Around

See yesterday's post "Volunteer and Stand Our Ground" for the first 20 vol-opps I have listed.

21. Deliver "Meals on Wheels."
22. Go shopping for an elderly or disabled person.
23. Start a reading circle focusing on books and magazines that empower women; for example, Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg; Pivot by Adam Markel; The Complete Poetry of Maya Angelou; the Harvard Business Review, esp. the compilation issue, "How to Work with Toxic Colleagues"; and Ms. Magazine.
24. Volunteer at Head Start.
25. Make friendship pins and pass them along.
26. Teach someone to read. Your local library probably has a program. In Boulder it's called "Literacy Volunteer."
27. Get involved in an oral history project. The most famous one is NPR's "Story Corps." There's even an app for that.
28. Buy stuff via Amazon Smiles and see part of your purchase price go to the charity of your choice.
29. Go shopping in your own closet and donate what you never wear.
30. Volunteer at a thrift story (or a, what I call, charity shop [Miranda Hart fans will get that]).
31. Take calls at a national, local, or veteran's suicide prevention crisis line office.
32. Make and send cheerful greeting cards to hospitalized kids or to folks in nursing homes.

Now I really am depending on you, my dear readers, to comment with more ideas and/or to let me know if you have taken up any of the 32 I've listed

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