25 June 2012

New Dog in the House

This is Jasper (with Gem in the background). We adopted him on Saturday from the Longmont Humane Society. He's a 7-yr-old husky mix, though he looks like a malamute to us. We're going to get a doggie DNA test just to make sure. He an Gem are getting along well so far, except that Gem has some resource guarding issues, so no chew treats outside their crates. We'll keep on working on this. Also, I think Jasper has some separation anxiety, but we hope that will diminish as he gets used to being here. We gave Jasper a bath yesterday (that was fun! he was a good dog!) and were surprised and pleased to see that he indeed was black and white with a beautiful fluffy tail rather than tan and brown with a matted tail. More pictures soon...

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