15 October 2010

Water Shots

I've decided to take part in Blog Action Day 2010 because it's about water. Just so happens, water is my favorite thing. It's everywhere. You can't do much without it. In fact, you can't do anything without it. It's our life's blood, more a part of us than the air we breathe.

I'm no hydrologist, but I do love a good picture of water. Here are a few water shots as tribute to what is good and beautiful and vital to us all. (Note: Pictures copyright keasmus; if you want to use one, just let me know.)

You can see the veins of this leaf magnified in the water drops.
Water cushioned in a geranium leaf.
A cup of raspberry.
Water drops caught in a spider web.
Water frozen on a dandelion.
Water reflections in glacial silt, Skagway River, Alaska, USA.
The cool blue water of Glacier Bay, Alaska, USA.
Glacier Bay, Alaska, USA.
Snake River, Idaho, USA.
South Boulder Creek with golden retriever.


  1. Thanks. I wish I had made it so all pictures were clickable for larger view. I guess when you add a caption, that option is no longer available.