26 March 2010

Day 1

I always think it's funny when people name their posts "Day 1," because it's rather non-descriptive. But this one works for me because it is Day 1 of the new blog. I started this on my Web site, www.keasmus.com, but decided to move it to a platform that provides for comments (be gentle), among other things.

My blog's title, "Dragonfly Wars," originated as a possible book title, and it still is a possible book title. But it also relates to the conflicts inside a person, between fear and beauty, ignorance and acceptance. I've pasted below my first notes on this from my Web site so you can get an idea of what I mean.

I used to be afraid of dragonflies. I thought they were like bees. Come to find out, they're gentle, beneficial beings. Then, come to find out, so are bees! They only sting if you ask them to. Well, that sounds a little wrong, like blame the victim, but I'll leave it for now.

I also used to be afraid of spiders. Oooh, so scared I couldn't sleep in the same room with one. Now, I think they are awesome. So many varieties! My favorite spider, I think, has to be the orb weaver, especially the orange spiny one I had living out on my back patio for a year or so. Amazing. I called her "good Charlotte" — not after the spider in Charlotte's Web, but after the band. My current favorite picture on the Web is an extreme closeup of a wolf spider carrying hundreds of babies on her back. For lack of energy to find a better phrase, I'll just say it's way awesome.

I also used to be afraid of people. Come to find out, I'm an extrovert. Love public speaking. Haven't found anyone I can't talk to about something. I like that. And, I mean, maaann, I have met some PEOPLE. All kinds. 

I will follow on from there as I develop this blog. Thanks for reading!

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